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Immersive Expertise

Sales expertise in your business, without long term costs.

One of our experts will be your on-site Sales Manager for a contracted period of time, implementing a pre-determined change program to restructure, modernise and standardise your sales team.

Perfect for smaller organisations wanting to lift performance of the sales function without the long term commitment of employing a Sales Manager.

Gain access to to experienced, proven sales expertise to implement a sustainable sales excellence program without long-term costs:

  • Coach your sales and customer service staff
  • Implement best practice reporting
  • Improve transparency and lift performance
  • Implement monitoring tools to ensure that the process improvements carry on indefinitely after the immersion ceases.


Need Immersive Expertise?

Interim Manager - Experienced Leader

A few days of consulting, training, and coaching can make a difference in your company’s sales performance. However, it often fails to result in lasting results. Often, employee performance is boosted right after training but gradually fades through time. In a few months, your Team’s routines and problematic habits often return. At Structured Sales Consulting, one of our experts joins your team as a temporary Interim manager for a contracted period of time, or alternatively in a part-time capacity over an extended period of time. They will help restructure, modernise and standardise the performance of your sales team, ultimately leading to sustainable sales excellence.


What is Immersive Expertise?

Embed a temporary sales leader in your business to help you run and manage your sales team, without the long-term costs associated with hiring a full-time Sales Manager. This is perfect for smaller to medium-sized organisations that need sales process improvements within the company without the need for a full-time resource to achieve it.


Advantages of Immersive Expertise

  • Coaching and training for sales and customer service staff – Structured Sales Consulting can help upskill your staff and broaden their knowledge. They will be taught practical, proven techniques to work with customers, resulting in more realised opportunities and a stronger, more collaborative relationship with your customers.
  • Implementation of best practice reporting – We can assist in the implementation of customised sales reporting and metrics to ensure there are no surprises at the close of accounting periods. Develop clarity, predictability and confidence with the numbers coming out of your sales team, and empower the team to achieve the goals you set for them.
  • Improvement in transparency and sales performance – Transparency is a catalyst for communication and accountability in any successful organisation. It is the key to overseeing what’s happening within your organisation. It is also the best method of understanding every turn throughout the sales cycle. A temporary sales manager can improve your team’s transparency and sales performance by creating checkpoints for weekly, monthly or quarterly progress, filling your CRM transparency gaps, and mandating accountability for everyone to achieve the organisation’s goals.
  • Implementation of monitoring tools that ensure lasting improvements – The temporary sales team change manager can also implement advanced sales monitoring tools. These tools will help the sales team lessen manual tasks and focus on selling, and track leads as they move through the sales funnel. They will also remind sales reps to follow up or send specific pieces of content based on the prospect’s buying stage. And, they will collect data during the engagement. As a result, you gain visibility into your sales process, streamline your operations, and set yourself up for repeatable success.

Interim Leader - Turnaround Leader - Temporary Manager

If you are determined to take your company forward without accumulating long-term costs, get in touch with Structured Sales Consulting. The presence of an Interim manager provides a rapid change management schedule for your Sales Team, embedding long term disciplines and reporting mechanisms to sustainably grow quality revenue in competitive markets.

For further details, give us a call on (08) 9438 2469  or email Structured Sales Consulting. You may also send us an email at enquiries@structuredsales.com.au.

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