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Stop-Gap Analysis

Unexpected resignation?

Retain momentum with a highly qualified and experienced management or analytical resource.

Bridge a gap, whilst at the same time install a change of lasting sales disciplines whilst you recruit.

Or upskill an existing staff member with a one-on-one intensive coaching program to position them for a promotion to sales management.

Stopgap - Interim Sales Manager - Interim Professional

Facing a resignation from a valuable member of your sales team when you least expect it is disruptive and potentially damaging to your business. When a dependable employee resigns, you’re not just losing the expert knowledge and the expertise they have developed. You’re also likely to encounter vacant territories, lost sales, and potentially disruption within your team and with your salesperson’s customers. However, with a stop-gap assist from Structures Sales Consulting, you can control the losses and disruptions, and keep sales momentum up even after an unexpected resignation.

What is a Stop-Gap Assist?

Structured Sales Consulting’s Stop-Gap Assist is a short to medium-term service, rapidly deployed to maintain momentum and revenue within your business. Here, an interim sales manager can come in and perform the function of the resigned manager and other activities that will help make the transition to a new hire go smoothly.

During this period, Structured Sales Consulting can also perform a stop-gap analysis where existing issues within the team can be discovered and resolved prior to a new manager being embedded. In addition, our team can embed best practices within your Sales Team, for the new manager to continue on once hired. Alternatively, if the company would like to promote someone from within the team to assume the vacant role, Structured Sales Consulting can provide coaching and training services that will prepare them for their new responsibilities.

Stop-Gap Analysis - Stop-Gap Solution - Stopgap Arrangement

Aside from the stopgap assist, we can also provide several other services that help improve quality revenue in competitive markets. We can audit your sales team to find their strengths and weaknesses. We can provide transparency to your sales function through analytics and reporting. And, we can assign a sales expert or contract sales manager to work alongside your team for a certain period to help optimise your sales operations.

If you want consistency in your team’s performance and quick and lasting improvements in your business, enlist our services from Structured Sales Consulting. Being a West Australian-based professional services firm, we understand the competitive markets in Perth and Western Australia.

For more information about Structured Sales Consulting, feel free to give us a call on (08) 9438 2469 or contact us at enquiries@structuredsales.com.au.

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