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Sales Team Audit

To ensure your company’s success, it is critical to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your sales team. This will serve as a guide on how effectively you are running your business and indicates what improvements are necessary. 

Through a sales team audit, you can have an accurate review of a company’s entire sales process, from the use of specific software, employee performance, and management strategies. 

At Structured Sales Consulting, we can offer sales audit service and evaluate the effectiveness of every aspect of your sales process to determine whether or not your existing methods are cost-effective and beneficial in generating revenue.

Why You Need Structured Sales Consulting for Sales Team Audit

Some businesses choose to perform a periodic sales team audit on their own, with the help of specialised audit software. However, many prefer to have an outside consultant objectively carry out the evaluation. Here are the benefits of hiring Structured Sales Consulting for Sales Team Audit.

  • Audit Team Structure – We can conduct a structural review of your sales team, including cohesion and cooperation between new business and account management. We will evaluate how effectively management communicates its goals to the sales team and analyse whether the sales strategies in place reflect those goals. Beyond that, we will look at market and territory reviews to look at the balance of work between team members.
  • Audit Team Members – We can evaluate your sales team’s competency, including aptitude and behavioural assessments that will help identify the best people in the right roles. We can help your company evaluate future and potential employees by constructing hiring guidelines for hiring personalities that match your specific sales structure and company culture.
  • Audit Team Performance – We can provide a market approach review for your marketing and proposal documentation, to confirm if your market presence aligns with your business goals. We’ll also find out which sales strategies bring the most revenue, and what processes need to be changed.
  • Assessment of Time Management Skills – We will review the productivity of your team in terms of how time is managed to complete specific tasks. This also includes whether the achievement of sales goals is monitored promptly.

  • Incentive Scheme Reviews – Offering rewards and commissions has a huge impact on encouraging the team to achieve the company’s goals. We will check which incentive schemes are more likely to help improve the performance of your sales team to generate more revenue and contribute to sales team development.

  • Other Assessments Specific to Your Business – There are factors that make your business unique and, as such, you will require special assessments. Structures Sales Consulting can help you build your sales team, according to your company’s unique goals.

Aside from providing the sales team audit, we can also coach your sales team. We can teach them the best sales techniques for connecting with clients and improving their sales performance.

To make sure that your sales team will consistently produce the best performance, hire the sales team audit service from Structured Sales Consulting. Our experts know how to develop a sales team, according to a company’s specific goals and objectives. You can count on us to accurately assess your sales processes and help you increase revenue. Book a free consultation today, call us on 0402 173 347, or email us at enquiries@structuredsales.com.au

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