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Structured Sales Consulting is a proudly West Australian professional sales consulting firm that works passionately with companies to develop quality revenue in competitive markets.

Sales Training & Coaching

Structured Sales Consulting provides onsite, offsite, and in-field training sales training in Perth, Western Australia.

Immersive Expertise

For an agreed period, one of our sales experts can act as your on-site Sales Manager. You will have the benefit of decades.

Sales Team Audit

Regular assessments are crucial in identifying the strength and weaknesses of every business as markets change.

Sales Analytics

Clear and objective metrics improve transparency and performance control in sales teams.

Stop-Gap Analysis

Unexpected disruptions, such as a sudden manager resignation, can be a cause for major sales performance issues.

Sales Team Audit

Understand your team, their strengths and areas for improvement.

Training & Coaching

Maximise every opportunity when engaging with your customers.

Analytics & Reporting

Bring transparency to your sales function with clear and objective metrics.

Immersive Expertise

Bring a sales expert into your business for an agreed set period of time.

Stop-Gap Assist

Keep your momentum up after an unexpected resignation.
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