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Sales Training & Coaching

Upskilling with a practical difference.

Importantly, our programs include both sales theory and practical, in-field training modes, delivered by an expert working alongside and within your team. We will tailor a practical, outcomes-based program for your team. Our services include:

  • Practical and systemic concepts, coached using plain language and simple, yet effective techniques integrated into your sales team’s daily routine. Delivered on-site, off-site or in-field.
  • Field confidence development – make sure your staff are equipped to present your business in the most consistently professional way.
  • Non-pushy deal-closing training – from lead to first trade, understand your customers’ drivers to make your business preferred.
  • Price retention & value development strategies – equip your team to move from ‘order takers’ to ‘trusted partners’ that are valued by your customers.

Sales Coaching - Sales Mindset Coaching

Every sales team is only as good as its weakest member. This is why it’s very important to make sure all your sales representatives are fully super-charged and able to give consistently high sales performance. And it doesn’t stop with simply hiring dependable and qualified people. Sales training and coaching is the most helpful vessel that unlocks your company’s true potential. With a passion-fuelled team, equipped with the right skills, tools, and positive language, you can build strong, trusted client relationships and achieve your targets. At Structured Sales Consulting, we offer sales coaching Perth that can transform your sales culture. We will customise a practical, outcomes-based program for your unique organisation and empower your sales representatives with game-changing skills and tools needed to improve your business’ revenues.

Benefits of Sales Training & Coaching

 1. Boosts Revenue – As mentioned earlier, sales training and coaching can help increase your company’s revenue. Since everyone on your sales team will be kept sharp, on their toes, and firing on all cylinders, they will be more efficient and productive. Moreover, through sales mindset coaching or sales leadership coaching, your sales reps gain more confidence as they hone their skills. They become prepared to close more deals and tackle bigger responsibilities.

2. Strengthen your Organisation – Great training and coaching turn salespeople into sales champions. A great sales coach won’t just improve individual performance. They also imprint a sense of comradery, unity, and teamwork within an organisation. Beyond that, they ensure that everyone feels appreciated and guided. They serve as a beacon of motivation that allows them to be better at their jobs. And, when you have a strong, motivated, and satisfied network of sales reps, your sales performance will remain consistent and your processes propel your revenue growth.

3. Open Communication & Inspire Creativity – Individual sales coaching help improve each of your sales team members’ communication skills and inspire their creativity. They are able to express themselves more with clients and co-workers, which builds stronger relationships on all sides. They are also more open to sharing their experiences with clients. So you can find new and alternative solutions to the problems they encounter.

4. Prosper through difficult times – Coaching a sales team can help turn things around when a company is enduring difficulties and uncertainty. It allows your sales team to adapt to setbacks. It also enables them to find effective selling strategies that can completely overhaul your business operations. Coaching won’t just keep your company afloat when times are hard, but could also help your team perform better than ever.

Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions

Why you should hire Structured Sales Consulting

Structured Sales Consulting is a sales coaching company that is passionate in taking businesses to their highest potential. We understand that upskilling your team members is an essential part of reaching your goals. Through systematic training and coaching, you can expect up to a four-fold increase in your returns. Below are some of our sales coaching techniques that are proven to bring lasting positive effects on your business’ sales and revenue.

  • Practical and systemic concepts taught using plain language integrated into your sales team’s daily routine and delivered on-site, off-site, or in-field.
  • Field confidence development – make sure your staff is always equipped to present your business in a confident and professional way.
  • Non-pushy deal-closing training – from lead to closing, understand your customers’ motivations to make your business preferred.
  • Price retention & value development strategies – equip your team to become more than just ‘order takers’, but ‘partners’ that are valued and trusted by your customers.

Sales Leadership Coaching

Investing in sales training and coaching is the best way to keep your team strong, empowered, and competitive. Empower your sales team to deliver to the goals that you set. Call (08) 9438 2469 email enquiries@structuredsales.com.au for more information.

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