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The Importance of Sales Team Audits

Many companies are finding that the structure and operating rhythm of their sales teams has evolved organically over time. While this evolution can lead to efficient processes and strong team dynamics, it often necessitates a periodic examination and reset to ensure continued success. This is where the importance of sales team audits comes into play.

Understanding the Status Quo

A sales team audit involves a thorough examination of the current state of the sales team. This includes evaluating the team structure, time management, portfolio management, and the overall relationship between the sales team and management.


Key areas of focus during a sales team audit include:

  1. Team Structure: Assessing how the team is organised and whether this structure supports optimal performance.
  2. Time Management: Understanding how the team allocates their time between account management, new business development, and administrative tasks.
  3. Communication Lines: Evaluating the effectiveness of communication between the sales team and management, and ensuring that feedback from clients is adequately channeled back into the management structure.
  4. Physical Placement: Considering whether the team is onsite or remote, and how this impacts their performance and coordination.

Components of a Sales Audit

A comprehensive sales audit covers several crucial aspects of the sales operation:

  • Account Management vs. New Business Focus: Balancing the attention between maintaining existing client relationships and pursuing new business opportunities.
  • Sales Administrative Support: Ensuring that the sales team has adequate administrative backing to perform efficiently.
  • Account Ownership: Clarifying which team members manage specific accounts and setting clear targets for new business.
  • Team Placement: Considering the logistical setup of the team, whether they are situated within the company’s physical premises or operate remotely.

Benefits of a Sales Team Audit

Conducting a sales team audit offers several advantages:

  • Benchmarking Performance: Establishing a clear understanding of the current performance levels of the sales team, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Structured Goals: Defining clear, structured goals and focus areas for the sales team and management.
  • Enhanced Clarity: Providing clarity for the sales team regarding performance expectations, which leads to a no-surprises policy and a more focused approach.
  • System Evaluation: Reviewing the systems that support the sales team, ensuring they are effective and contribute to the team’s success.

Case Studies

  1. Professional Services Firm: In one instance, with a professional services firm, we conducted a time management assessment during their sales audit. We discovered that the team was consistently losing one to two hours each morning waiting for external information. By redirecting this time towards new business development, the firm saw a 40% growth in business over six months.

Manufacturing and Import Customer: Another audit we undertook for a manufacturing and import company revealed a lack of clarity in account management. By restructuring the team and clearly defining account responsibilities and budget expectations, the company experienced a 45% growth over the course of a year.

In conclusion, a sales team audit is a vital tool for any organisation looking to enhance the performance of its sales team. It provides an opportunity to take stock of the current state of the team, identify areas for improvement, and implement best practices tailored to the specific needs of the industry. By drawing a line in the sand and setting clear goals and expectations, a sales team audit lays the groundwork for significant growth and success.


Conducting regular audits ensures that your sales team remains aligned with the company’s objectives and equipped to handle the ever-changing business landscape. It’s a strategic step towards optimising your sales operations and driving sustained growth.



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